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Easy Mobile App Creation for Nonprofits With MilkCrate

You’ve heard it before…it’s now a mobile first world we’re living in. But, creating a mobile app is expensive and takes time to launch, right? Not necessarily. Plus, you’ll be able to track engagement and participation with the MilkCrate mobile app for nonprofits.

Morgan Berman

Morgan Berman

CEO & Founder


Morgan Berman is an international, award-winning entrepreneur and local community leader located in Philadelphia. She is the CEO and founder of MilkCrate, a mission-driven tech company that helps other mission-driven organizations achieve their impact goals.

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Megan Cox, Director of Business of Development and Strategy for Humanitru, speaks with Morgan Berman, CEO & Founder of MilkCrate, to discuss how a mobile app may be right for your nonprofit.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • When and why a mobile app is most valuable

  • Why tracking program participants and engagement with a mobile app is more effective

  • What ready-to-go features are available to match your engagement and tracking needs

  • How to manage users, content, and generate activity reports using the admin dashboard

  • Effective ways to implement strategies like gamification and visual progress

  • Why transparent success data is so valuable to funders

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